Magic Carpet surfboards are designed by Madluc Manufacturing on the Gold Coast, tested and perfected with local ambassadors across our world class playground in waves of all kinds. We’re of the opinion that if you’re in the ocean, that’s already a win. And if having the right surfboard for the conditions on offer gave you another reason to paddle out, then so much the better.

 Finding a Magic Carpet (or several) is much more than just a board to ride. It brings people together and serves as the launching pad to some of life’s most joyous, peaceful moments. It’s a part of your healthiest day to day routine, but also inspires constant searching. It takes the pressure off and turns the fun tap ON, but also helps you learn new skills and surf how you want to. 

This range brings the best out of every condition that each of us face throughout the year, from weak and challenging to the days we dream about. There’s a certain model (or three) for every niche… A shortboard for punchy beach breaks, twin fins for smaller days or running points, and a variety of longboards depending on your approach and ability.

Our mission is to provide high quality equipment, in every essential category, for surfers of all experience levels. So whether you’re a beginner looking for that first, ultra-forgiving board to make things easy, or a long-term surfer looking for the next vital addition to the quiver… Whoever you are, anyone can find their Magic Carpet.